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The Fell Pony Heritage Trust is dedicated to the Fell Pony and the Hill Breeders whose commitment to the breed means semi-wild herds continue to roam the fells of Cumbria, UK.

Our Work

Our vision is to establish a Fell Pony Heritage Centre in the Lake District to protect the Fell Pony breed characteristics and preserve the working practices for future generations, while also supporting the traditional stewards of the breed - the Cumbrian hill farmers. 

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The Fell Pony

Fell Ponies are part of the heritage of Cumbria because of the relation between humanity and its environment. The semi-wild herds of Fell ponies have helped create that landscape. Yet you can go into the streets in the local towns and ask people if they know about them and 9 out of 10 people don't. We should be raising more awareness of these hill-bred ponies, their small numbers on the Cumbrian fells need to be treasured.

Regenerative Grazing Projects

Ecosystem services that use regenerative land management have improved soil stabilisation and formation, water infiltration, carbon sequestration, nutrient cycling and availability, biodiversity, and wildlife habitat, which then lead to an increased ecosystem and economic stability and resilience.

We have a few projects currently in the developing stages we look forward to sharing with you soon.

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Spring Foal
Murthwaite stud mares and foals
Greenholme Fell Pony Youngsters
Lunesdale Fell Pony at Roundthwaite
Fell Ponies above Borrowdale
Fell Pony mare with her foal

By becoming a supporter you are helping with the work the trust are doing to preserve the Native Wild Fell Ponies and the Hill Farmers. 

How can you get involved?

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From fundraising to IT specialists we are always grateful for the extra support.

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Guided Walks

Escorted visits to see the wilder Fell Pony herd in their natural  environment.

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Raise Money

The FPHT relies entirely on donations and fundraising, so your support is vital to our cause.

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