Libby Robinson

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A life long love of the Lake District and Fell Ponies, growing up and going to school near Windermere left that impression on me.

I have always had a Fell Pony in my life since 1979 and I am happy to say they were my friends and my salaried job for 10 years, teaching carriage driving, running my own business doing weddings with a carriage and pair of Fell Ponies, T.V. adverts and working in an open air museum.

I seriously started breeding Fell Ponies in France, 20 years ago where we set up the French Branch for the Fell Pony Society  to promote the breed.

Over this time it was commented to me “  you can breed a Fell Pony anywhere “ which started me thinking.

To breed the true characteristics they have to be bred on the fell in Cumbria. Breeders around the world have to come back to the hill bred stock in Cumbria to keep the genetics alive in the breed.

For a long time now Hill Breeders are being reducing in numbers as the younger generations have moved away from the farmers and show little interest in the hefted herd of breeding ponies attached to their older parents and grand parents.

In 2018 we moved back to Cumbria with 11 Fell Ponies, 5 of them coming home to their birth place. My idea is to start a Centre in Cumbria to support the Fell Pony breeders and hefted grazing herds on the Fell, a hill farm as a hub to show an insight to an interesting life and train young people about a way of life that we are all connected to in one way or another, our involvement with nature, animals and our farming landscape.