The Fairy Caravan

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

This is a photo of one of Beatrix Potter's drawings in her book The Fairy Caravan which was first published in the US in 1929, it was not published in the UK until 1952.

Beatrrix Potter, or Mrs Heelis as she was known in Cumbria, bred Herdwick Sheep for the last 30 years of her life but she must have liked and lived around Fell Ponies as she wrote about them in her book The Fairy Caravan.

Beatrix Potter first met Hardwicke Rawnsley one of the three founders of the National Trust in 1882.

Mrs Heelis died in 1943, she left her farms which had more then 4,000 acres and her sheep flocks to the National Trust.

Beatrix Potter was passionate about animals and the natural world but she was also a farmer and conservationist, she knew how important the farming community was and still is in Cumbria.

The Fell Pony Heritage Centre Project knows that her book is an unused resource for promoting the Fell Pony Breed as being just as much part of farming history in Cumbria as the Herdwick Sheep.

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