Sandringham Native Pony Show - 24th April 2022

The Fell Pony Heritage Trust Stand at Sandringham Native Pony Show yesterday, 24th April. The sun shone and the wind blew, so we had to find places for our lovely big photos were they would not be blown over ! The straw bales gave a rustic feel and the Union Jack flag danced in the wind. Towford Harmarnie (Marnie) came to, for Victoria to show in hand, she was 4th in the mares class.

Marnie also was the exhibit Fell Pony on the stand to complete the picture of the Hill-bred, fell living Fell Pony.

It was lovely to meet so many wonderful supporters, we very much enjoyed talking to everyone at this special Show and a huge thank you to the organisers for inviting us.

The cutting of the Centenary Cake for the FPS

Marnie and Victoria

Marnie back out on the in-bye, trotting off to find her friends.

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