Updated: Apr 15, 2020

MayQueen, brown filly, foaled 1959, sire Heltondale Prince 3751; dam 10550 Roundthwaite Bell Heather.

MayQueen was foaled at the end of a very important time for the management of the Fell Pony Breed, 1939 to 1959, in WWII ponies now were in demand and making good prices, before the war good ride and drive ponies who had been selling for less then £10 now with rationing of petrol they were making £30.

The FPS wanted to keep the breed maintaining these higher prices and encouraged farmers to breed and register more ponies and so the idea of the Enclosure Scheme was put in place by the Society and for a time it worked, but it created another problem which was the narrowing of the gene pool.

If you look at Volume XXVI in the Black Book ( which is the reprinting of the Fell Pony sections of the National Pony Society stud book ) foals born from 1942 to 1952 can be seen from their breeding that most of them are from just 5 different stallions and the others are from stallions out of those 5 stallions.

There were 102 colt foals born, Storm Boy sired 30. Heltondale Romer sired 13.

Linnel Romany II sired 13.

Linnel Raven II sired 11.

Linnel Osprey sired 4.

Total 71.

Out of the five bloodlines left after the war Park House Victor's line has nearly disappeared and the two Heltondale lines are one, we cannot make a new bloodline, the Society closed the Stud Book in 1969 which in hindsight should not have happened so early as the 30 years ( 1939 - 1969 ) is nothing when breeding pedigree stock.

As seen so clearly at the Murthwaite Stud Dispersal Sale. Tommy Capstick had been breeding Fell ponies since 1962 he only had one mare in the sale that was full Murthwaite breeding back to 3 generations.

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