London Harness Horse Parade -18th April 2022

Wonderful weather for our stand at the London Harness Horse Parade, we did not need the tent and just put up our beautiful pictures up around the lorry. Our new Banner looks very good and we had a excellent day. The Fell Pony Heritage Trust's Stand highlights the natural habitat of the upland fells giving an insight into how the breed lives on the fells in Cumbria. Keeping and breeding the Fell pony on the mountains is preserving the breeds traditional hardiness, intelligence and sure footedness so essential for their use as working ponies keeping their cultural heritage as an intrinsic part of the Cumbrian landscape were they belong.

The ongoing project is to establish a Fell Pony Heritage Centre in Cumbria to showcase these ponies which have shaped our lives here, so inspired human endeavour, so helping to make the Lake District a World Heritage Site.

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