Foaling Season 2021

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

The hill breeders are battling with a cold and rainy late spring. The harsh weather conditions are testing the mares' and foals' abilities to survive and find food to keep them healthy and help them grow stronger.

Three of our own foals have arrived so far and the fourth due is in a few weeks. Murthwaite Happy Feet has foaled a strong colt foal and Towford Harmanie has foaled a beautiful filly foal. They were born just a day apart and are now a little more than a week old, born on last week's Sunday and Monday.

This morning Globetrotter Ultraviolet gave birth to her foal, it was full of life right away and everything went smoothly. Globetrotter Polikarpov, who is due to foal in a few weeks, was guarding Violet and her foal the whole time. These herd structures of taking care of each other are so important. Polly's role was to make sure she observed the surroundings so Violet could relax and concentrate on her foal.

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