Driving beauties

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Fell Ponies excel at Carriage Driving, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh started driving a team of Fell Ponies in serious FEI competitions in 1981.

He says in his book '30 years on and off the Box Seat' that there were three breeds of stalking ponies to carry the stags down the mountains at Balmoral: Haflinger, Highland and Fell Ponies, out of those breeds he came to the conclusion that Fells were the most suitable for driving. The Highland ponies were willing but lacked in sparkle, and the Haflingers seemed to have a will of their own so a crisis inevitably ensued. Later on he discovered that when all the stalking ponies were turned out at the end of the shooting season they developed a " pecking order" at feeding time. First came the Fells, followed by the Haflingers, with the Highlanders a polite third.

Photo is copyright to Fleur Hallam Photography and is of Libby Robinsons pair of Fells Towford Harmarnie and Murthwaite Tonka Toy who were presented The Edinburgh Prize for Driving in 2015.

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