A driving force!

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

This is a photo of the late Peggy Crossland at High Arnside in 1966, she is taking part in a long distance ride.

For nearly a quarter of a century Peggy Crossland was the driving force behind making both the Fell Pony Breed and the Fell Pony Society grow, for almost 25 years as Secretary and Treasure she promoted the Fell Pony.

Peggy grow up near Windermere and lived at "Packway" a fine house built by her grandfather on land that the old pack-horse road to Kendal passed. Peggy did not know about the breed until she was a teenager, she went to learn to ride at Major Cameron's riding school at Grasmere where only Fell Ponies were used for lessons and her mother gave her the book " A Lifetime with Ponies " by Roy Charlton.

In 1947 after the worst winter for snow on record Peggy went looking for a Fell Pony. She couldn't find any pony that was broken to ride at the main breeders of the time and after searching she bought Birkett Bank Polly ( this Fell mare was the foundation of Peggy's Packway stud ) from Joseph Relph who was then secretary of the FPS.

Peggy joined the Fell Pony Society in 1947 and was elected secretary in 1956, in that year there were 86 members and Peggy registered 25 fillies and 19 colts. When she resigned in 1981 the membership had risen to 709 plus 61 junior members and the registrations had increased to 154 fillies and 110 colts.

The memory of Peggy Crossland and the hard work she did to promote the Fell Pony will, we hope, be continued by the Fell Pony Heritage Centre Project.

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