Fell Pony Heritage Trust Constitution

The Fell Pony Heritage Trust is dedicated to the Fell Pony Hill Breeders and their Fell Ponies, whose commitment to the breed means semi-wild herds continue to roam the fells of Cumbria, England.


Aims and Objectives:


To establish a long-term Heritage Centre, a  “ living “  Fell Pony visitor attraction in Cumbria to protect the Fell Pony breeds characteristics and preserve the working practices for future generations, whilst also supporting the traditional breeders – the Cumbrian hill farmers.

The centre will enable visitors to learn about the Fell ponies’ history and to see them in their natural environment. The centre will also be an educational establishment and we will run special event days for school children enabling them to experience how ponies would have lived and been used on a traditional hill farm.

The centre will be a resource for current hill farmers/breeders and to hill farmers who wish to return breeding herds of Fell Ponies to the fells.

The centre will aim to provide longer courses and apprenticeships to adults, thus enabling the skills to be more widely shared and to ensure the centres long term life.

The centre will run a semi-wild herd of Fell Ponies on the fells to produce working ride and drive ponies for the centre and for sale. Plus very importantly we aim to conduct research with the centre’s herd of the ponies’ on the positive impact when grazing in an upland ecosystem and their hardiness, so ensuring the traditional breed characteristics are preserved.


In carrying out these purposes the centre will be self- sufficient in covering costs by admission, activities, research projects and courses in working Fell Ponies around the farm, including shepherding, forestry work, pack carrying ponies to take for a hike on the fell, and ponies as means of transport both ridden and driven as part of demonstrations.


Where applicable grants are available, we will apply for them and also any fund raising and donations. Funds would be raised by the sale of youngstock from the centre’s herd of ponies. This would also be supplemented by a gallery café and shop.




The management committee/ trustees will have the power to spend monies raised by the centre on publicity, promotions, equipment, insurance, and the upkeep of the Fell pony herd on the fell. The income and assets of the Fell Pony Heritage Centre/Trust can only be used for the furtherance of the Centre’s aims and no part can be transferred away. In the event of the centre winding up any remaining funds will be donated to a similar charitable organisation with similar aims.


An Annual General Meeting will be held every year. An agenda given and minutes of the meeting taken.




A priority is to find a suitable location for the centre in Cumbria.

Financial statements for the Fell Pony Heritage Trust can be found here.

More information about the meetings and outcomes can be found here - 

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