Victoria Kaiser


My name is Victoria Kaiser and I moved to Ireland in 2021 to study Level 5 und next year 6 Horsemanship at Grennan Equestrian Centre (Ormonde College), which includes BHS exams. In the future I am planning to become a Fell Pony hill breeder and work as a rider and coach specialising in training and promoting ponies.


I am a trustee of the Fell Pony Heritage Trust and I help with administration, social media and the website. As the youngest trustee, I bring a different perspective and also represent the future generation of young Fell Pony hill breeders. Having lived in different countries and learnt a variety of languages, I can use that experience for promoting the Fell Pony breed. 

Everything started with my work experience with Libby Robinson and David Pooley at the Globetrotter Stud. They had founded the Fell Pony Heritage Trust and in addition to helping at the stud, I also became involved with the trust and later became a trustee. I am lucky to have gained their friendship and to be able to benefit from their knowledge and experience as a breeder.

In return, I am dedicated to supporting the trust and continue to help with anything that may be needed, be it working with the ponies or with the FPHT from my home in Ireland or while I'm able to come to Cumbria, my happy place, where I feel so at home.