Fleur Hallam


Fell ponies have always been part of my life. When I was born my mother already owned and worked with them, and by the age of six I was riding a Fell mare called Peggy (Admergill Ursula). My enthusiasm for the breed grew even more when I spent some of my childhood in Cumbria, and I have never been without a Fell in my life since.

I have been involved with the Fell Pony Heritage Trust from the very start, helping with all aspects of the trust from setting up the website to taking photographs to help with promotional material.

Coming from an artistic family, and finding my creative gene flourished behind a camera, I decided to capture the spirit of these ponies in their native region and I published 'The Spirit of the Fell Pony' in 2008.   

I dedicated my book to the hill breeders of Cumbria, whose commitment to the breed means semi-wild herds continue to roam the fells. The Fell Pony is an integral part of the region's natural beauty and must be safeguarded for future generations to enjoy and understand.

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